The Challenge….

Hey Sexy Fearless and Fierce Followers,

I’m conjunction with my book F*ck Fear . I’m challenge those in my personal life and online (followers) and people I interact with online.

It to get people to start dialogue with those in real life (social media only if they want to too).

The challenge I’m asking everyone to do spread and do (do not need to mention me or the book) is to yourself and people in your life today is to slowly to open up too those who really trust only about those tough topics that are mention in the book and other important ones you notice we need to start dialogue on. Tough Topics such as domestic violence, mental health and sexual assault affect us all at some point and part of the way we heal from this trauma is when we talk to others and learn we are not alone in suffering. Yet we never do and it’s still taboo to do so. The second part of the for yourself be more empathic, compassionate and open to those you around you. We lost empathy and compassion in our society, we need to get it back so we can all benefit for life.

Why do this challenge:

We are all effected by the topics in F*ck Fear, but You don’t need to write a book or blog, famous , just being open, empathic and compassionate in your closest circle will make a difference. Let’s start making a world a more compassion place so suicide ceases to become a viable option to those struggling, So the victims or domestic violence/ sexual assault (Female and male) can speak up and not be put through a trail or ridiculed. So those with a mental illness, don’t loose their jobs for taking time off , so those who freely violate other rights are held accountable for their actions and many much more . Let’s create real healing for the current adult population of today and make the world a little safer and kind for up coming generations. You don’t have to be Oprah to make a difference, you can do yourself ❤️

Thank you Emilia (Mia Valente)

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