F*ck Fear – coming out July 24, 2018

Hey all,

I want to explain a bit about out F*ck Fear. 15 bad ass women, including myself are opening up about our raw stories, you’ll learn about things we faced that you never knew we had too. Why did we write? One it was for our voice , healing but also for others. Were here to say we been through hell and back – and making it and you can too. We are opening up about what us in society do not talk about. The tough stuff like like mental illness, domestic violence, sexual assault and more.

Many suffers / individuals who have been touched by these topics often feel isolated, worthless etc and it’s only when an individual starts talking they realize those closest to them go through something similar. Yet we don’t talk to each and I am not talking about open up on social media , I’m talking about opening up in person. We don’t talk openly up about the ugly and then judge others harshly when things come to light. We can prevent a lot by just opening up and showing compassion and empathy for each other.

When we always see the good, successful on social media and only talk about our successes in life in person we fail to it’s not an accurate representation of life many of us go through something and have to cope. Well we can never get rid of suffering, we can decrease the scars and impact it leave on humans by sharing , by showing compassion and empathy towards each other and teaching others about what we learn such as what we can do protect ourselves , coping skills etc. We here to say were many in generations before us failed too – You are not alone, loved and your worth it and if you fall it’s okay, you can can always get back up.

You want to see a real change in society … you do that by acting in your real life. So followers, I encourage you to slowly to open up to those who really trust about those though things and you yourself be more understanding to those you around. We are effected by the topics in this book. You don’t need to write a book or blog, just being open and compassionate in your closest circle will make a difference. Let’s start making a world a more compassion place so suicide ceases to become a viable option to those struggling, So the victims or domestic violence/ sexual assault (Female and male) can speak up and not be put through a trail or ridiculed. So those with a mental illness, don’t loose their jobs for taking time off , so those who freely violate other rights are held accountable for their actions and many much more . Let’s create real healing for the current adult population of today and make the world a little safer and kind for up coming generations. You don’t have to be Oprah to make a difference, you can do yourself ❤️

A special thank you to Carol Starr Taylor and Creative Publishing Group for giving us to platform to do this! You are awesome.

The book comes out Globally July 24, 2018.. detail to follow on where you can get this book if you Canada, US and Internationally coming soon.

Mia V.

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