The Independent Women Flies: Godmother Reflections

I am officially a godmother to a precious little girl. My best friends so close we’re sisters baby girl. I now gotten to know her other half, and he like a brother. They are awesome people anyways, we they ask me to be their daughters godmother I was so honoured, touch that they trusted me with this great honour.

The promise I made to my goddaughter:

I love her like I would love my own children, I promise bombolina to guide, love and protect forever. Madrina will always have your back along with mom, dad and padrino. My wish is for you to grow up to be healthy , happy and a good person and to always follow your dreams.

You already amaze me at just shy of 8 months. Te voglio bene bella !

To her parents: I love you guys, thank you for entrusting me with this great honour. I can’t wait for more adventures together. You guys are my family and so appreciate you both. I’m grateful for you both 💕

To all this reading this, this is most important thing about being an independent woman keeping in touch and grateful for friend and family.

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