My heart is heavy for my hometown this morning an angry man who was reportedly sexually frustrated and angry towards women launch an act of terror on my hometown. My moms friend witness the attack, my best friend use to live there and I always hung out there. It could been me , my love ones a victim.

The terror felt last night is real, frantically texting love ones , calling my family.

10 Dead and 15 injured because a guy wanted to end his life and others too. A truly selfish man. I have nothing more to say on him.

My city is resilient , we are strong and justice for those injured and dead will be served. I am proud of the officer who refused to shoot and showed some compassion but also realize that death would be the easy way out and closer harder.

Toronto , I love you. You are beautiful my home, since I was 6. My moms home town , my dads adopted hometown . I am so proud to be from there.

All the people of my city are beautiful and I am sicken my anti – immigrant rhetoric going on, we all immigrants here unless we are aboriginal. And some our families came by choice or force. So please do not make our tragedy to put out your hateful views or bash our leader. Keep it about justice for those harmed by it.

I with you Toronto and I’ll be home soon.

I love you Toronto.

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