Snow and Ice Storm In April. How Canadians in Ontario are feeling about this spring

Disclaimer: This not the norm.

Pretty Much emulates the five stages of Grief.

1. Denial: Wearing short at plus 5 Celsius with a chance of snow in April because come on already, four months is too much. I want to show off my legs.

2. Anger: Learning that it’s going to be white easter and beyond and it’s April, suddenly the crime rates in your area go up and do your use of swear words.

3. Bargaining: You pleading to gods to make it above 10 degrees Celsius soon as you now going on 6 months of finger freezing temps and you heating is costing more than your tuition.

4. Depression: you really feel it when it’s sunny and no snow but -5 with windchill of -9 and it’s April 5. Tears ensure then learn a snow storm or ice storm is on route.

5. Acceptance: After experiencing all these stages you come to realization that if did happen you would be able to write this blog posts… all is good . Plus 12 next week (I hope) .

To my Ontarians today stay warm and safe !

Mia ❀️

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