The Travel Flies: Malaga Adventures

God it was hot in Malaga June 2013, 22 year-old me had just landed in Malaga and step outside. It was 28 degrees. I just landed and was waiting outside for my cousin who suppose to meet me at the airport. I waited for 30 mins and no one came, so I figure she was bus central bus terminal the other spot we agreed on. I grabbed the bus, once I reached I terminal no was there. Where was she? Panic , “Alright, Emilia you speak enough Spanish to get around, let’s go to city centre. ” The bus went into the terminal no cousin, so I stayed on the bus and continued on to centre of Malaga.

Fear came in this part, there was no one. Shit, I was tired. But I accessed my inner strength, and said “I got this.”

Getting off the centre of town, I went to hotel, and they hooked me with Juan. He drove me around and I got a unofficial tour. Plus he was cute, so I enjoy my ride.

He finally got to my cousin building, thankfully I got her address. I convinced the people upstairs to let me in because I could not find her buzzer.

I got up to the third floor her apartment was letter F. There was nothing but doors, there were 5 flats to choose from. So by process of elimination I concluded that 4 young university student would:

A. Have religious statue, surrounded by flowers outside their door.

B. Children’s Toys spread all over the front area of their flat.

That left three doors and by sheer LUCK, the firstdoor I knocked on, my cousins sister answers . Shocked they hadn’t received my email or message, I changed my flight back.

So I settled in to wine and food and told them the story. Malaga was nice needed break.

Next in the Malaga Adventures Series: Malaga Sun, Sangria And A young Spanish men (that had my heart on the dance floor for a night)


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