The Travel Flies: Paris Memories

I got to thinking about Paris tonight, and all of sudden I felt homesick for Europe. Europe is in my blood, my father was born there and lived there until he was 6. In southern Italy which is another travel file.

I have been to Paris multiple times through the years and I use to live in London, UK -Short Eurostar ride away. I remember the very first time I went to Paris, I was 13 with my father, aunt and step mom. We were staring with our Italian family in western Germany near the border of France. I’d been to France before on the last trip to Germany. We took a bus there, and went into the smallest hotel room I have ever seen in my life. Tired, we slept right away only to wake up to chocolate croissant and a cafe au lait. Later my taste for macrons would develop. We went past Moulin Rouge , into Notre Dame. Walked along the Siene. It’s was just before Christmas, so Paris, Galleries Lafayette was just lit up beautifully. I remember heading to Montmartre and being fascinated by the lights in that area, the music and the small of French food being cooked.

When I went back to Paris , I was with my boyfriend at the time. We staying in London and met my aunty for lunch. We climb the Tour de Effiel, walked by the siene, had dinner in Montmartre outside in the square. It was a bitter sweet trip this one.

The third time, I was with my best friend. I think we listen to vive le fete multiple times, we went to Paul for croissant. I’m sure we pick up the macaroons probably at my favourite place Pierre Herme if not so many good place, I mean it’s Paris. I was too well on that trip, but I enjoyed it very much.

The last multiples times I went to Paris were on my own well living in London met a friend living there and family friends I stayed with, I pick up macaroons at Pierre Hermes, because I mean come on, they are good. Have a coffee at local shop and just enjoy the city. Paris Je’taime. ❤️ after London you are my favourite. I always stop at Montmartre, Galleries Lafeyette, Opera , Louvre, there a little restaurant where I ate, really good fondue, my last visit I cannot recalled the name. I’ll be back in a year 💕


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