Cyber bullying is never okay and should never become acceptable

Social Media is the way of 21st century and used by everyone, including myself to interact with others, keep in touch or promote. I did not have much social media options as teen as , just Facebook and MySpace.

One thing I notice on social media is that there tends to be regression of societal norms on how we interact with people in the virtual world. All of sudden cruelty becomes okay because you can hide yourself from the world or people feel safe to express cruel views , I will never complete be able to grasp why people treat each other so poor online, maybe lack of consequences?

Cyber bullying has increased a lot in the last 10 years, and suicide from cyber bullying has skyrocketed. It makes me fearful for my nieces and nephews to grow up in a world where they are vulnerable yet ostracized from they don’t have social media.

It is never okay or cool to cyber bully anyone, it’s pathetic and just as bad bullying someone in real life and this includes celebrities. Celebrities such as Sarah Hyland, Chrissy Teigen, Adele and Lili Reinhart all face cyber bullying in over the last couple of years and many more.

The campaign that bothered me the most was the backlash against Lili Reinhart faced on twitter about her wording on depression. Society seemed to forgot Lili is a 20 year-old actress and not a mental health professional, her wording about depression was fine in their context, yet many took it upon them selves to shame this young person and was taken way out of context. She had very insightful views that blew me away about mental health. When I read her some of her interviews and tweets I thought, “What a smart young woman she is. She is a delight for us and I bet has amazing parents.” She also dealt with other campaigns of cyber bullying and respond to each beautifully I might add.

The other incident of cyber bullying one that particularly distributed me was people making rude comments about Sarah Hyland’s body and accusing her of promoting anorexia, so much so she put an emotional plea on instagram and twitter explaining she was thin due to a health issue. Sarah always respond with grace. Which one the reasons I admire her as an actress.

This is never okay to do this to any one famous or not. Lili and Sarah did not deserve it nor should they ever feel unsafe on a medium , they are human too and you have the right to feel safe online.

There are new laws being put in place to protect people online, I look forward to seeing what happens in the next ten years.

Everyone on social media deserves respect and we society should be a sticking up for those being bullied, not participating in cyber bullying/ starting it and only use it for meaningful positive interaction.

If your a victim of cyber bullying please seek help, mental health can be severely affected.


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