Have you ever just stopped and felt yourself worth for no reason? Like if you do this the world will stop and your life will be over. Or if something does not feel right, you body reacts?

Anxiety is a natural response. My mentor once told me we need to talk it and cradle like a little baby and listen to it to figure out why is it there, for a real threat or not.

When I left abusive relationship the anxiety was warning to leave, you are in danger and indeed I was, it saved my life. When anxiety was not useful was when it appeared in the middle of lake when I was swimming with family friends.

Anxiety is alway with us, so we have to learn to manage it.

Here are some thing I use to manage it and turn of the flight and fight mode that went off way to often:

1. Water- anything with water instantly feel grounded so baths, swimming and showers at my favourite methods to managing anxiety.

2. Mindfulness and relaxing sounds, just took my my mind off the sensations and allowed me to relax from the intense emotions.

3. Talking with friends- this by far after the first two the most helpful tools. My friends are amazing rocks, I am very open with them and vice versa and it to have their support is just wonderful. Having a support network is crucial to managing anxiety.

4. Prayer. I rarely talk about spirituality as I believe it is highly personal and something that I keep between me and myself and I. I am Christian, catholic and I support LGBTQ right’s and women’s rights. I am very progressive catholic. I find it very grounding to be connected to something so scared. I almost pray like I am speaking to therapist and feel calm. I can’t explain it but works every time. Whatever your personal beliefs are , spirituality can really heal your soul.

5. Walk, for hours. One way I cope is long walks and music, I legit zone out and go.

6. Yoga- my favourite mediation phrase “Listen to the sound of Silence.” comes from my old yoga instructor, I used today during mediation, great exercise.

7. Lavender – the smell is amazing, there is one from Deoterra that I love.

8. Herbal Teas, camomile – just calms the nerves for awhile.

9. Music – something about soft music that just reminds me to be peaceful.

10. Do something that makes you happy, a hobby. For me, writing little blurbs of positivity or sometimes just blurbs on everything, just a away to express my self.

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